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스타체이서 포스터

The Orient and the West, past and future.
The human being and the robot coexist harmonize city of multi culture "Chame City".

The scrap iron village which is located on the north of the city. The doctor knuckle is living to that place all scrap irons are being piled up from childhood with the friends
cannot match with fastidious character his hobby scrap iron re-application.

The scrap irons the knuckle which invents the bad toys with the material became the technical expert whom the robot it makes so soon.

Finally, he completes 4 trouble robots. They are called "Ung" "Mang" "jin" and "Chang".

Their completion and the plan where the doctor knuckle is new simultaneously got.
The case it is to change the "Chame city" of the style which is various with own style.

The hazard which accomplishes the nothing which the doctor knuckle is the foolish 4 robots every day accident hit from the city. The peaceful city riot comes to be little by little, it starts. The person it will be able to solve the conspiracy of the doctor knuckle is Migga. But it does not become by alone force.

스타체이서 포스터


Every time a rainbow appears across the sky, people experience its
mysterious beauty:Red,Orange,Yellow, Green, Blue, Navy and Purple and
inexplicable beauty of all spectrum colors in between. We have created Seven(7)
baby kittens living in each layer of the rainbows. Seven(7) precious kittens
Red,Orange,Yellow, Green, Blue, Navy and Purple, each with their own shade of the rainbow.
Every time the rainbow appears and wherever these seven kittens go, the rainbow follows.
Each kitten posses their own special powers and each are named according to their powers.

스타체이서 포스터

스타체이서 포스터


Members of the Problem Family are simply the worst kind of neighbors any community could bear.
Mr.John Wolf is the husband and father in this household. He's lazy and a procrastinator who continually
invents new excises to shirk his responsibilities and changes jobs regularly as a consequence.
It's a miracle he manages to eke out a living to support his family.

Mrs. Laura Wolf is of the opinion that her opinion counts
more than anyone else's and makes that fact known often.
Her family and neighbors would rather be struck deaf than endure her blistering tirades.
When John and Laura got busy starting a family, the results were predictably disastrous!

Angie, their daughter, is short with a disproportionately large head and desperately unattractive face.
She is obnoxious, dull-witted and artless but aspires to be a glamorous, leading lady of the silver screen.
She is inconsiderate to others and insists on things being done her way but is a sucker for a good-lokking boy.

David is John and Laura's son. He is a combination of his family's worst qualities.
All he thinks about is marking trouble for others.

Trunk is Laura's younger brother. He is the unwelcome houseguest who can't take a hint.
He can never manage to keep a steady job and so lives off his sister and John, always trying to get more allowance. He is bigger than average and likes to show off his strength to anyone who cares to look.
Trunk is not particularly smart enough to have or take what he wants.
These are the ugliest, stupidest, greediest, and the laziest people you ever saw!
They create problems for each other and cause unbelievable accidents for their neighbors.

스타체이서 포스터