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StarChaser is a world first 3D animation that made in 1985. Made and Directed by Steven Han. In 2009 ,when ‘AVATAR’ got success all over the world lots of people thinks ‘avatar’ is the first in 3D but actually the world first 3D animation was made by Korean.

Cell animation ‘Starcahser’that have a delicate hand drawing animation is working on in digital. Character’s in the animation have a live expression and motion that gives people creative and imagination. It started to made in 3D stage of planning that makes less tiredness to your eye and feels graphic depth when you are watching.

The script is made by the world genius author Jeffery Scott.

Directed by Steven Han that who gave advance in Korea animation industry . 2006, he received SICAF Festival Special Achievement award.

Digital part of making and restored by Alice Choi who is IT doctor of engineering

‘StarCahser’ is all about adventure ,SF, action movie that gives people in the world fun with touching story. Also people can feel the Original cell animation and Korean technology.

It will give Korean wave culture revitalize and what is the real animation is.